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What Is An Organic Mattress: Overview, Health Benefits

published May 2, 2023

Do you know what toxins are lurking in your mattress? Learn how a Naturepedic mattress can improve your sleep, reduce chemical exposure, and save the planet. 

What Is An Organic Mattress

Did you know we spend one-third of our lives on a mattress? You won’t want to miss the benefits of upgrading to an organic mattress, including less exposure to harmful chemicals, better sleep quality, and being kinder to the planet. 

Trust me, ladies—after reading this, you’ll want to ditch your old mattress and cozy up to an organic Naturepedic mattress ASAP. Clean mattresses are a key part of non-toxic living and getting better sleep after 50, so you won’t want to miss out on this.

Clean Beauty Starts With A Clean, Organic Mattress 

Let’s face it; we spend a lot of time and money on skincare and makeup to look and feel beautiful. But what about the other factors that affect our well-being? 

As you slumber, your immune system works to recover and rejuvenate for the day ahead. However, you can’t optimize your body’s restorative functions if your mattress is filled with airborne allergens and chemical toxins. 

You can own all the fancy beauty products in the world, but if your mattress disrupts your sleep quality, you can’t hide how awful it makes you look and feel. Waking up feeling tired, achy, and puffy-faced is not a good look—no matter how much concealer you apply. 

What Does “Organic” Mean When It Comes Mattresses? 

 “Organic” means the mattress is made from organic compounds such as organic cotton plants, wool, and natural latex, which are grown without harmful pesticides or toxic chemicals. 

Organic mattresses vs. conventional mattresses

Traditional beds are riddled with chemical flame retardants and other hazardous chemicals. But organic mattresses are crafted from all-natural materials that promote healthy sleep and a safer environment. 

Certified organic products

If you’re in the market for a certified organic and non-toxic mattress, it’s all about knowing which organic certifications to look for: 

  • The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) ensures that a mattress meets strict standards for organic materials and sustainable practices. 
  • Made Safe® Certified guarantees that products don’t contain harmful ingredients or release vapors, gasses, or by-products that could impact human health. 
  • UL/GREENGUARD® Certified laboratories certify low chemical emissions, making it another ideal option for those seeking a non-toxic mattress. 

Benefits Of Using A Natural Organic Mattress 

Improved sleep quality 

Say goodbye to restlessly tossing and turning all night long, and hello to deep, restorative sleep that leaves you feeling energized and refreshed in the morning. Sleeping on an organic mattress customized to your sleep needs can work wonders for improving the quality of your slumber. 


Want to sleep like a baby without the sniffles? Organic mattresses made from hypoallergenic organic materials are resistant to dust mites, mold, and other common allergens that can wreak havoc on your sinuses. 

Body temperature regulation

So long, sweaty nights, hello sweet dreams! With temperature-regulating materials like wool and natural latex, organic mattresses can help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 


Sleep soundly and save the planet while you’re at it. Not only will you avoid harsh chemicals and toxins, but organic mattresses also support eco-friendly practices that reduce your carbon footprint.

My Top Organic Mattress Picks By Naturepedic 

organic mattress by naturepedic

Naturepedic Organic Latex Mattress 

Tired of sleeping on a mattress that’s full of more harsh chemicals than a science lab? Made with organic cotton, wool, and latex that are grown without pesticides, Naturepedic Organic Latex Mattresses are hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and last for so long (I’ve had mine longer than I’ve had my car!) 

Their EOS mattress is like Legos for grown-ups, with interchangeable layers that you can mix and match to create the perfect sleep experience. 

Naturepedic doesn’t use sketchy synthetic chemical flame retardants, glues, or adhesives in their mattresses—they comply with flammability requirements through good ol’ natural design and materials like wool and cotton.

The Naturepedic Solid Organic Latex Pillow

The Naturepedic Solid Organic Latex Pillow 

As a long-time advocate for natural living, I know that what we put in AND on our bodies matters. Not only is Naturepedic’s Latex Pillow super comfortable, but it’s also made with extra soft organic latex and wrapped in luxurious organic cotton fabric that cradles your head for proper spinal alignment while you snooze. Plus, the GOTS-approved organic latex used in this pillow is sustainably sourced, making it better for the planet. 

The Organic Wool Mattress Topper

The Organic Wool Mattress Topper

This Wooly 3″ certified organic topper is a dream come true for anyone looking to upgrade their sleep experience. I love that it’s made with layers of organic wool batting that provide full-body support while also naturally wicking away moisture for a cool and comfortable sleep. 

And the fact that it’s finished with an organic cotton sateen fabric means it’s not only luxurious but also free of harsh chemicals—the perfect addition to any mattress for a more restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an organic latex mattress?

A natural latex mattress is like a superhero version of a regular mattress—it’s made with natural materials like organic latex, organic cotton, and organic wool rather than synthetic materials and chemicals. Plus, it’s super comfy and can help you sleep like a baby.

Is an organic mattress worth the investment?

Think of it this way—you spend a third of your life in bed, so you might as well make it the healthiest and most comfortable place possible. Investing in an organic mattress means investing in your health and well-being (as well as the planet!)

How long do organic mattresses last?

All-natural materials last longer than synthetic materials in general. Many brands have an expected life span of ten years, and the best brands offer 20-year warranties. Compared to traditional mattresses, which generally have a 6-8 year lifespan – just another reason why an organic mattress is an excellent long-term investment in your health and well-being.

Rest Easy and Toxin-Free With More Of BYN’s Clean Picks 

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