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hi, I’m Mary Benoit—founder of BYN

When you’re looking for a clean beauty advocate who knows the needs and quirks of maturing skin, I’m your gal.

After years of buying cosmetic counter staples and not getting results, I decided to do a little digging—and I was SHOCKED at what I learned about the beauty industry. Many companies knowingly dump skin irritants and carcinogens into self-care and beauty products.

So I said “no” to big brands dumping toxins into their products and “yes” to ethical brands using clinically-proven natural ingredients. Now, I’m on a mission to make clean beauty simple for women of all ages—especially women over 50.

To ensure I stand behind each and every BYN product, I try it myself first.

still wandering through the aisles of Ulta, googling whether to use retinol or vitamin c?

you’re in the right spot.

I get down and nerdy with clean skincare chemistry and beauty ingredients so you don’t have to. My passion is researching the best natural skincare products on the market to find out what their ingredients are and if they actually work.

clean skincare is rooted in science and evidence-based research.

I was tired of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce, and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. That’s when I stumbled upon the world of clean, botanical-based skin care, and I’ve been doing my homework on beauty products ever since.

Here are some of the most important clean beauty lessons I’ve learned so far:

The beauty industry has known that commonly-used ingredients like phthalates are harmful to humans since the early 2000s.

Though products with these ingredients pass short-term safety tests, they are not tested for long-term effects on humans.

Trustworthy clean beauty brands offer toxin-free products that reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals.

Don’t be surprised if your skin turns a new leaf when you revamp your regimen—all those toxins are shown to cause issues like inflammation and dryness that will go away once you ditch the toxins.

BYN trusted botanical‑based brands

as a clean beauty advocate, these are the brands I stand by:

about BYN.

how you can vet clean beauty brands and products, too.

Reputable companies should have full transparency regarding their ingredient list on both the packaging and website. Use the ingredient list to make sure you steer clear of toxins like:

Parfum – aka fragrance.
Coal Tar Dyes.
Sodium Laureth Sulfate.
DEA & related chemicals.
Dibutyl Phthalate.

goodbye toxins, hello nature.

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Clean beauty is a movement to create personal care, beauty and wellness products with fewer toxins and chemicals. Clean beauty products are formulated without harsh or synthetic ingredients like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, dyes and fragrances that can be harmful to our health over time.

Yes, clean beauty products are better for your skin than traditional products because they are formulated with natural ingredients that work with your skin naturally. Clean beauty products do not contain harsh chemicals or toxins which mean fewer chances of irritation and a healthier overall complexion.

Organic beauty products are made with certified organic ingredients, while clean beauty products are made without any synthetic or potentially toxic ingredients. Clean beauty is the umbrella term which includes both organic and non-organic products that are free from toxins and other harmful chemicals.

The benefits of using clean beauty products are numerous. Firstly, these products are free from harsh ingredients and toxins which can be harmful to our health over time. 

Additionally, clean beauty products are formulated with natural and organic ingredients that work with your skin naturally, leaving you with a healthier overall complexion. Finally, these products contain fewer chemicals which make them more environmentally friendly.